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September 10, 2013 – Sydney, Australia – Sintel Systems, the leader in the self-serve frozen yogurt announced earlier today that it is planning on yet again expanding with another US based frozen yogurt franchise to Australia. “Even though we have been serving Oceania for years, it is always exciting to accompany another franchise into Australia. Tutti Frutti’s expansion over two years ago was exciting, but we will continue to see strong demand from Asia Pacific for another decade to come,” commented a senior staff member. When asked about the specif franchise, Sintel Systems stated, “we respect the confidentiality of all of our clients and will await their announcement before commenting.”
CALL (02) 8073-0529 Australia-Frozen-Yogurt-POS-Point-of-Sale-1Many in Australia have been worried about the impending economic slow down; however, the consumer staples sector including restaurants, pizza, and frozen yogurt has been at the onset of a long economic boom. The frozen yogurt industry for example has seen increased demand for its products and according to many it is just the beginning with years of projected growth. The Continent including the other four main countries of  Oceania (Papa New Guinea, New Zealand, Fiji, and Solomon Islands) have a population base exceeding 35 million. The combination of the local pollution and millions of tourists each year, make this part of the globe fertile ground for frozen yogurt and pizza businesses.
We wrote about the opening of Tutti Frutti in Melbourne two years ago, but we are still at the very begging stages of frozen yogurt coming to Australia. Exceptional growth is anticipated in the region over the next decade.
Point-of-Sale-POS-ScaleHow to start your own frozen yogurt shop in Australia? There are two basic ways to start a frozen yogurt shop. 1) Join a franchise or 2) open a new one. In either case, Sintel Systems and your 1-stop frozen yogurt point of sale (POS) provider will be your best adviser. We can help you join a successful franchise or start your own. Why is Sintel Systems positioned best to consult you? We see the money and truly know what works and what does not.
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